Short Synopsis

Inspired by Rob Stewart's Revolution, young filmmaker Julia Barnes embarks on an epic journey around the world to save the ecosystems we depend on for survival, as we come closer to causing a mass extinction in the oceans.

Sea of Life leads audiences through the stunning world of coral reefs into the heart of the environmental movement, meeting passionate scientists, activists and explorers who reveal an enormous opportunity to rise up and become the heroes the world needs.


With access to renowned environmental experts and breathtaking underwater cinematography, award-winning filmmaker Julia Barnes takes audiences on a provocative journey, through the most stunning and threatened ecosystems on the planet and the rallying movement to save them, leaving audiences around the world inspired to fight for our oceans - and our future.

Believing that people will change the world once they know what’s happening, Julia picks up a camera and sets out on a mission to expose the reality of the world’s oceans in this full length feature documentary. Through compelling footage she sheds light on crucial environmental issues, revealing not only how the oceans are in jeopardy but how each of us has the power to turn things around.

Sea of Life is a film about changing the world. It's about rising up in the face of catastrophe and having the courage to fight for what you love. 


Julia Barnes is the award-winning filmmaker behind Sea of Life. For as long as she can remember Julia has been passionate about the natural world, but it wasn't until she was 16 that she realized the world she loved was in jeopardy. After watching Rob Stewart's documentary Revolution and learning that the world's coral reefs, rain forests and fisheries are expected to be gone by the middle of the century she was compelled to take action to protect the world she loved from human destruction. Film was the most powerful weapon she could imagine so at the age of 16, with no film experience, she picked up a video camera and set out to make a documentary to raise awareness about the biggest threats facing the planet and inspire audiences to turn things around. Sea of Life is a call to action for today's youth, presenting the challenges we face as an opportunity for young people to rise up and become the heroes the world needs.






IMDB#: 7143760


Sea of Life has won awards at Cinema Verde, Ekotopfilm/Envirofilm, WaterDocs, Impact Docs, Cayfilm, AM Film Festival, Forest City Film Festival, Earth Talks, and Environmental Film Festival Albania